The idea of Metal Silvae Webzine was born in the winter of 2002 in Sibiu, after some beers and discussions with some friends, who felt the need for a new kind of website in the Romanian metal scene. We’ve had printed zines, but no quality e-zine, in which to find useful information on underground bands, CD reviews, interviews and contests.

After a month or so, the site was finished and it was up and running on a free domain and hosting server. The old website can still be accessed at

All the interviews and CD reviews were moved on the old blog found here:

Then, with the first e-mail we’ve sent, all the madness began: promotion on the Romanian territory for bands and labels, the first issue of our printed zine (limited number of copies were available), concerts (with the help of Laurentiu Straut as the venue organizer and promoter, to whom I’m very grateful), radio shows (also with the help of Laurentiu Straut; at the time he was hosting a rock show on radio Alpha Star from Sibiu), first CD promotion campaign (under the name of Metal Silvae) for bands around the world etc.

In 2006, we have moved from Sibiu to Bucharest and a new and interesting period for Metal Silvae began: new domain available, new website, new services…

After a period of activity I’ve felt the need to take a break and rediscover the pleasure to just listen music without thinking about mistakes or lyricism or virtuosity.

Now, we’re alive again, kicking and screaming, ready for some new adventures in this wonderful world of music.

This is the short version of our history. Maybe we will meet at concerts or in a metal club and we will chat more in front of a pint of beer.

All the best,

Razvan Bucur