Estonian progressive metal band Emphasis revealed cover art for upcoming album

A new 14-track concept album from Estonian female fronted progressive
formation Emphasis is set to drop later this spring under Red Rivet
Records (Japan).

Today, the band proudly presents the cover artwork and track list of the
new record. The artwork was brought to life by Tallinn based
photographer Terje Talts. She is a well-known Estonian professional
freelance artist and fantasy photographer.

“We are extremely happy to cooperate with such a creative nature as
Terje. In addition to the cover, she also made fantastic illustrations
for a 12-page booklet of the upcoming album. We cannot wait to share the
results of this great job with all of you! We’d also like to express
our appreciation to the “face” of SOUL TRANSFER – Mr. Jan Talts. His
charisma, masterfully transmitted through the lens of Terje’s camera
perfectly complemented the album from agraphicalview point“, –
Emphasis said.

The second full-length album SOUL TRANSFER consists of 14 tracks,
including 6 instrumentals:

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2.93% My Demon Friend ver.1101
16.7% Jester
27.6% Immersion therapy
30.8% Resonate
39.7% Voices of the City
42.6% Electric God
51.1% Scraps of consciousness
53.7% Redemption song
64,3% The Metaphysics of Love
70,1% Leviathans
83,9% Emptiness ver.2
88.0% Hotel for the lonely ghost
96.3% Stream of information