Endeligt – new Nortt album out this month

It was just a regular day, one of those sunny early-fall mornings, the mail came in and there it was. Ten years of impenetrable silence, then one day Galgenfrist successor simply came in with the regular daily mail.
Endeligt marks the first Nortt release since 2007 and will be published exactly ten years after its predecessor by Avantgarde Music.
Embark on a new journey through darkness and despair setting out from the island of Fyn. As if the last decade never passed, the Danish master delivers a new sorrowful and intimate album perfectly fitting the space between depressive black and funeral doom metal.
Nine slow, black hymns to accompany one’s final journey, in which piano notes and dying screams merge at the end of this world, at the gates of the nether one. Obsessive and repetitive, for twenty years Nortt music has been the soundtrack to a hollow and pointless life.
Endeligt is no exception. This is the album you want spinning while tying the slip knot, while swinging the razor blade, while departing from this pitiless existence. Its black ambience is no victim of trends, passing times nor artistic evolutions: what Nortt music was in 1997 on Nattetaleis still in 2017 on Endeligt. Screams are not as prominent, the piano is even more in the spotlight, but that is as far as differences go.
The city of Odense is a frightening place to walk at night, as the demons of grief and loss are being summoned once again.