HIEROPHANT has a new vocalist

HIEROPHANT have officially welcomed bass-player and vocalist, Fabio Carretti as the newest member of their band. A statement from the band can be found below.

The line-up change had become necessary, when former vocalist and bass-player Giacomo as well as guitarist Steve made the decision to discontinue their journey with the Italian death metal outfit after many years of pure and healthy militancy.

HIEROPHANT comment: “Fabio is definitely the right guy to play in our band, a good friend and a professional musician. From the beginning, we felt that he was the perfect fit. We are nothing but stoked about the choice we made and we can hardly wait to share the road and heavy riffs with him.”

Fabio adds: “I just have to say that I am thrilled to have joined HIEROPHANT. I am literally amazed to start playing shows, bringing metal everywhere with the guys.”

HIEROPHANT have previously announced their addition to the mighty Netherlands Deathfest III, which will take place on March 2-4 at the 013 in Tilburg alongside label mates 1349, ROTTEN SOUND, ESOTERIC, SHAPE OF DESPAIR, MERRIMACK, LENG TCH’E, and ALTARAGE.

HIEROPHANT will be playing in support of their latest release ‘Mass Grave’. Track-list and artwork can be found below.

  1. Hymn of Perdition
  2. Execution of Mankind
  3. Forever Crucified
  4. Mass Grave
  5. Crematorium
  6. In Decay
  7. Sentenced to Death
  8. The Great Hoax
  9. Trauma
  10. Eternal Void




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